Ready-to-launch Single Property Websites

Choose one of our templates, send us your content and someone from our team will have your site launched in no time.   Often only after a single day!

Light Overlays

Light Overlays

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White Panels

White Panels

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Template Features

Each template comes equipped with all of the following features:

Post website to social media (e.g. facebook, instagram, pinterest or twitter)

PDF downloading (e.g. for brochure, survey or floor plans)

Home details and description section

Photo gallery section (all photos can be downloaded with one click)

Video section

Neighborhood description section with google map integration

Floor plans section (all individual floor plan images can be downloaded with one click)

Contact section (e.g. to promote Real Estate Agent)

Most sections are optional.  When you launch each of your sites, you will decide which sections to include.

How it Works

Launching your site is fast and easy:

Email us at hello@realassist.tech or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch

Shortly afterwards a team member will reach out

Tell us how many sites you need and which template you'd like to use for each

Customize each template by:  (1)  determining which sections you'd like to include;  (2)  adding your brand colors;  (3)  providing us with your content (e.g. photos, PDFs, text)

Tell us what you'd like your domain name to be (e.g. www.123elmstreet.com).  Typically it will be the address of your property.

Once we've gathered everything from you, each site will be live on the internet in no time!


Check Out All of Our Plans

With the amount you pay each month is determined by the number of sites you currently have live on the internet.


$ 75 /month

2 live sites
2 monthly domain credits
General support

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$ 120 /month

4 live sites
4 monthly domain credits
General support

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$ 135 /month

6 live sites
6 monthly domain credits
Extended support
+$20/month for each additional
live site (includes domain credit)

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Contact Us

Custom templates for your firm
$15/month for each live site
Dedicated support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email, hello@realassist.tech, if you have any other questions

What is a Single Property Website?

The purpose of a Single Property Website is to act as the online presence of a distinct property.  Propspective buyers, renters, investors, etc. will be able to find your site by navigating to a domain name that matches the property's address.  For example the domain for one of your sites might be www.123elmstreet.com

Single Property Websites are excellent marketing tools as they provide a way to showcase a property's individual identity and control this identity on the internet!  Moreover, your property's chances of appearing in search engine results are improved.

Are there site setup fees?

During our beta phase, which we are currently in, there will be no setup fees.  

After the beta, we will launch a click-to-edit tool that gives you the power to setup and edit your own sites.  There will never be fees to use this tool.

Once this tool is live, if you'd still prefer for us to setup your site, then we ask for a small setup fee.

If I sell a property, and I want to convert a site so that it represents a different property, are fees incurred? For example, a fee for the new domain?

Like explained in the prior question, currently, there are no setup fees, even if we are updating a live site.  Once we release our click-to-edit tool, you'll be able to update your live sites for free and with ease.

In terms of domains, each month you will have a certain number of domain credits to use, which refresh on the first of each month.  If you are out of credits and need a new domain, you can either wait for the month to change or purchase the domain through us.

How long does it take to launch a site?

Once we've received all of the content, and we'll work with you while you are gathering and submitting it, your site will be live in no more than a few days.  And often as shortly as after one day.

What if I want to change plans?

You should tell us if you'd like to take advantage of our Enterprise plan, otherwise, your plan will be automatically upgraded or downgraded as you add or remove sites.

How long are your contracts?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly subscription at any time with no further obligation.


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